Monday, August 25, 2008

Acceptable Devices While Camping

The packing list did not include an MP3 player, nor did it list any electronic gadgets. I brought my iPod because I am an adult and can make that decision on my own. Plus I will be alone in my tent and I have ear buds. I do have the Bible, Focus and Hillsong sermons occupying a few gigs on my device so that must count for something…

I ended up only listening a few minutes while going to sleep the first night (and not to any of the three selections above). I woke the next morning feeling refreshed and enjoying the sounds of birds and kids splashing in the many trout ponds. Campers in nearby sites stood over their stoves flipping bacon and making coffee. This is camping.

Walking towards the restrooms, a blue glow radiated from one of the camp site tables. A family brought their TV and the kids were playing games at 7:30am. I marveled at the nerve of those people bringing a TV camping with them—especially when there is no signal, cable or satellite dish. They could not go a weekend without their games?


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Anonymous said...

I finally remembered the funny thing to share with you... or atleast one of them... At the campout this weejend, one of the dad's said he was all ready with his usual set up: DVD player included! I couldn't believe it!!