Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stiff Competition

Mannequins fascinate me. Like clowns, they rarely imitate reality. Why then do they demand our attention, especially the female mannequin not wearing a..., you know. It must be a guy thing.

LA's garment district is littered with those female mannequins cut off at the waist; the ones with long legs and the J. Lo back sides. They look forged but they are quite effective. What woman wouldn’t want one of those behinds?

Then there are the plaster dummies that inspire us; they encourage passersby to purchase their outfits, go on that vacation or at least start working out again. Are we supposed to measure ourselves by them? Oh, and you know those sexy mannequins in the window at Victoria’s…? Come on guys, you know it's weird but you still look.

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