Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ice Cream and School

The last days of summer—what a sad time it was as a kid. The thought of going “back to school” used to send chills down my back. No one likes school, do they? As a kid, the Back to School ads depressed me. The JC Penny and Sears ads seemed to run around the time I finally got acclimated to summer. Gone are the days of freedom, roller skating all day, trips to the beach, and of course my birthday season.

Although school was anything but a joy in my life, I do look back at the first day of school as an exciting time. The thrill of the new classroom, meeting the new teacher, new friends and the scent of new books was not all that bad now that I think about it. Remember the smell of the blue, freshly-printed mimeograph paper?

Today at Bethany church, the kids graduated to their new Sunday school classes. Awards were given, a stimulating curriculum announced and new faces introduced. The primary-aged kids were all smiles. Afterward, a special ice cream fest was given for the kids and adults to help kick-off the new season.

Full-size scoops of vanilla were piled high in white, styrofoam bowls. An assortment of rich sauces and bright shining cherries tantalized the wide-eyed kids as they created their own masterpiece and slurped up the sugary dessert in the hot morning sun. Oh, what to be a kid again! But then again, there’s school to deal with….

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