Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Hour Now Serving Vino

Although the Happy Hour Backpacking group is not even six-months old, its history is rooted in Heineken. Each Wednesday night, our fearless leader would haul up a mini keg and graciously distributed foamy plastic cups of brew to the well-deserved hikers.

Over time, people began bringing other forms of spirits to help compliment the miscellaneous finger foods atop Echo Mountain.

Recently, the beer was replaced by wine. The selection of wines sparked a new
enthusiasm for both newbie’s and connoisseurs alike.

Last night, people began bringing their own favorite wines. Jubilant trekkers toasted to friendship and the sunset with the sound of acrylic wine glasses clashing in the warm August air. Talks of varietals, regions and makers engaged many as they stood overlooking the twinkling lights of Pasadena.

The ambiance of tradition is real, yet each week there are different people and serendipitous experiences. Like the wines we take pleasure in, our group is an ideal example of diversity, complexity and good taste.

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